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Ijen Volcano in Banyuwangi - East Java

The volcanic cone of Ijen dominates the landscape at the eastern end of Java. The Kawah or crater of Ijen is filled by a spectacular turquoise blue lake, its surface streaked in wind-blown patterns of yellow sulphur.

Almost sheer walls of white rock surround the lake, except where the wall has collapsed in the northwest. A dam has been built here to regulate the flow of water into Banyu Pahit river. The lake has been known to boil over when volcanic activity increases. A volcano logy post at Ungkup-Ungkup monitors volcanic activity all year round.

The uniqueness of the main crater of the tour apart from the exquisite a view is to see the traditional sulfur mine is transported by human power endured. This traditional mining supposedly found only in Indonesia alone (Welirang and Ijen). Transported loads each weighing up to 85kg per person. This remarkable heavy burden for most people, when sulfur is transported through the steep caldera wall and 800m down the mountain as far as 3km. Income received by a bearing on average 25 thousand rupiah per day, or about 300 rupiah per kilo. A bearer is usually only able to bring down one time each day, because the weight of the job. A few hundred yards there is a round building of ancient relics of the Netherlands said "Irrigation crater," which is now known as the Round Post, a post where the miners weigh the load and get a piece of paper about the content and value.

To reach the Ijen crater today is not too difficult. There are two ways, first through Banyuwangi town 38 km to the west through the slippery, Guava, Paltuding (1.600 masl). The second way is through the city people to the east through Wonosari Bondowoso, Sempol (800 masl), Paltuding 70 km. The second method is the most widely traveled people because through the smooth asphalt roads, while the first way through macadam road with a fairly steep incline. Foreign tourists after a visit at Bromo Bondowoso usually comes through, again through Banyuwangi, continues to Bali and Lombok.

Here are picts about Ijen Volcanic :

Sulfur Mainers
a Sulfur Mainers was Doing his Job.

Ijen Volcano

Ijen Volcano

How to Enjoying Rafting Adventure in Bali

Rafting is one of the favorite activity programs you may choose in Bali. We are not talking about Rafting for competition, but totally for fun. So you can take your family (kids under 6 are not recommended) to join. The pumping adrenaline rush and the leap and bounces rafting trips offer is once in a lifetime experience.

Bali Rafting Adventure

Here’s the tip before you jump to the river :

Swimming experience. Before you go down to the river, you will be equipped with safety equipment but it would be better if you can swim. There are several points where you can swim to enjoy the rivers. Beside, for the safety this is a must.

Clothing. Inadequate clothing can hamper the enjoyment you expected of the rafting trip. Do rafting is equal do swimming. Choose the right costume!

Weather. If you want to try something more challenging, try rafting in the rainy season, when the big rivers flow faster. But if you want to do with your family (including children) choose this program in the summer.

Camera. You’re allowed to bring cameras. Each boat provides a waterproof plastic bag to store them. Usually the rafting company has someone specifically to take photographs to capture your rafting adventure.

Food. No need to bring it. Normally rafting lasts 1. 5 to 2 hours on the river. On the half way, you will stop and your rafting guide will give you mineral water and some fruit to recover your energy. Buffet lunch provided after rafting.

Insurance. Make sure the rafting company has insurance to his client when there is something undesirable.

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Amazing Bali Adventure

Wide ranges of enjoyable amusements are accessible in Bali, with one thing new opening all of the time.

Paragliding is often a really thrilling way to determine Bali. If bend conditions are appropriate, it is possible to stance Bali from a quite distinct perspective. If it is your very first time, you’ll journey in routine with an utilized instructor leading your increases and drop. Training are obtainable in case you yearning to travel solo.

If you’re not pretty contest to acquire for the skies by para gliding, the particular bungy leaping style has extend to Bali without any under four firms donation you the alter to consider the thrust.

You’ll be able to soar in the devotion of Kuta or ignoring a cascade. Whatever scene you take the height are concerning and particular to acquire your blood pumping!

If you desire to accomplish a mix of activities but tend not to have tremendously time “The Big Day Out” will help unravel the problem. You commence from the morning with sallow water rafting.

After dine you have a finding through Bali Splat (paintball competition), windsurfing or jet skiing. Next within the syllabus can be a bungy soar. This can be then grill banquet and then hit the interstate with nightlife things to do (discotheque, pub, etc.). If you get via all that you’ll perhaps want the remains of one’s event to retrieve!

Taman Nasional (West of Bali)

National Park (west of Bali), makes up nearly the total with the western tip of Bali, sheltering an quarter of above 750 rectangle km. The quarter that’s the square, is produced into a conservation quarter.

The square’s restrictions comprise open savannah, lustrous jungle, knots of mangrove swamp, colourful coral reefs and also Menjangan island, the prestigious Deer Island, which is basically a smaller island save over north coast of Bali. The square can be a port for around 300 species of animals and birds, most particularly the endangered jalak or Bali Starling.

Menjangan Island is property towards bloody of Java Deer, and embraces visitors who’ve great diving and snorkelling. You must be together with an professional guide and in ownership of the square badge, to record the square.

Amazing Bali Adventure

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Wide ranges of enjoyable amusements are accessible in Bali, with one thing new opening all of the time.

Paragliding is often a really thrilling way to determine Bali. If bend conditions are appropriate, it is possible to stance Bali from a quite distinct perspective. If it is your very first time, you’ll journey in routine with an utilized instructor leading your increases and drop. Training are obtainable in case you yearning to travel solo.

If you’re not pretty contest to acquire for the skies by para gliding, the particular bungy leaping style has extend to Bali without any under four firms donation you the alter to consider the thrust.

You’ll be able to soar in the devotion of Kuta or ignoring a cascade. Whatever scene you take the height are concerning and particular to acquire your blood pumping!

If you desire to accomplish a mix of activities but tend not to have tremendously time “The Big Day Out” will help unravel the problem. You commence from the morning with sallow water rafting.

After dine you have a finding through Bali Splat (paintball competition), windsurfing or jet skiing. Next within the syllabus can be a bungy soar. This can be then grill banquet and then hit the interstate with nightlife things to do (discotheque, pub, etc.). If you get via all that you’ll perhaps want the remains of one’s event to retrieve!

Taman Nasional (West of Bali)

National Park (west of Bali), makes up nearly the total with the western tip of Bali, sheltering an quarter of above 750 rectangle km. The quarter that’s the square, is produced into a conservation quarter.

The square’s restrictions comprise open savannah, lustrous jungle, knots of mangrove swamp, colourful coral reefs and also Menjangan island, the prestigious Deer Island, which is basically a smaller island save over north coast of Bali. The square can be a port for around 300 species of animals and birds, most particularly the endangered jalak or Bali Starling.

Menjangan Island is property towards bloody of Java Deer, and embraces visitors who’ve great diving and snorkelling. You must be together with an professional guide and in ownership of the square badge, to record the square.

Gunung Batur:

The Batur Montain quarter, recognized as Danau Batur along with the volcanic cones at Batur mountain are limited in a titanic marvelous bowl shaped caldera. high at 1717m, Batur mountain is one of Bali’s unremedyed miracles, as well as just fantastic for trekking, although the beauty on the place can still be haveed lacking such action.

Tend not to ignore to slump through the greatly honored Ulun Danu temple and also the hot springs at Toya Bungkah.

Gunung Agung (Agung Mountain)

Gunung Agung (Agung Mountain) is Bali’s major walking problem. The good thing is, Bali’s chief and most priviledged mountain just isn’t testing to climb. This tip is always to edge well prior to begin, armed having a powerful flashlight, water, food, and helpful and water-resistant clothing. The most effective time for the climb is throughout the dry time of April by way of October. But climbing will not be badgeted whenever foremost serious steps are detained at Besakih Temple, which can be most of April.

The via and most general path up Agung montain is from Muncan or Selat relating the smallest walking expected fortunately to serviceable streets from equally Muncan or Selat township towards the Pasar Agung temple. Through the temple, you are able to climb to top in as little as two stunted hours.

Do commit to memory to account for the regulate situation at Selat ahead of edge off in your outing, and suffering by once again on your restore. A guide is vital, and one particular is usually pre agreed in Muncanor Selat by only inquiring all over the markets, or by contacting the Selat regulate position.

Bali Gardens

It really is honestly a remedy to become ready to wander liberally close to the Bali Gardens in Buleleng Bedugul secret from the kindness of north of Bali, locally identified is called Kebun Raya.

Proven in 1959 it’s a disaparate 120 hectares located higher on the hills of standing Mountain by using a giant collection of plants, a filled fluttering five hundred species of amazing orchids.

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Finding Travel Deals

If your vacation time is coming up and you are planning on making a trip, then you will need to make some plans. Perhaps you are going to visit family? Or, maybe you plan to take your family to see an attraction somewhere? Maybe you are going to visit another country? Regardless of where you plan to go, you can find great deals on getting there, staying there, and even enjoying your time at the location.

Often times we want to take our children to see the things we saw when we were younger. It would be nice to see some new destinations as well. Either way, we want to do a lot but don't always have the funds. So, we are always in search for a deal. There are many out there to be had. Here are some quick ideas.

Saving on airfare is all about shopping around. Compare the different offers each company has. Can you fly in mid week and avoid weekend charges and busy times? Flying at night or at odd times can also increase your changes of getting a deal.

Once you get to your destination, you'll need a place to stay and a car to drive. The best way to get deals on these is to plan ahead. Making reservations ahead of time can be the best way to lower your cost. Cutting out extra charges on things you don't need, or won't use, also helps. No need for that car to come with a DVD player if you only plan to drive short distances. Along the same lines, you probably won't have time to watch all those movies on cable either. Eliminating these extras can lead to extra cash in your pocket.

Saving money on travel doesn't need to stop there. You can save money on travel in just about every aspect by planning and research. Take the time to compare different companies, then choose the best option for you. Also, take a box of cereal and pick up a gallon of milk instead of spending a ton on breakfast. Grab a local newspaper to see if there are deals in there for area restaurants. The local family diner may have some great food at reasonable prices but is overlooked because of all those glaring signs in tourist's face.

Being able to find a deal on travel is a great advantage. Saving some extra cash can truly make your vacation more worthwhile. Since so many people just don't get enough vacation time, getting the most out of what they do get is key. So, take some time and find the best travel deals out there for yourself!

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GWK - Garuda Wisnu Kencana Bali

Bali has undergone rapid development in the last 20 years focusing on tourism.

Kuta, Legian and Seminyak have seen tremendous growth and now other parts of the island are seeing that too.

One area of Bali that has long been popular with surfers is the Bukit (hill) peninsula at the southern end of the island. This limestone plateau has Uluwatu on the western end and Nusa Dua on the eastern, with not much in the middle.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Bali
Outside of Nusa Dua the biggest construction project is GWK (Mandala Garuda Wisnu Kencana), the cultural park carved out of the limestone rock. I have passed by before but never had a look around.

To get to GWK from Kuta I rode to the roundabout at Simpang Siur and headed for Nusa Dua. After 15 minutes I took the right turn to Uluwatu and followed Jl. Uluwatu up the hill, eventually coming to GWK on the left side. Don’t worry you won’t miss it, there is a huge driveway and massive sign.

GWK was conceived to be a cultural center and events park and is privately funded. The bombing has affected the pace of construction which was due to be finished in 2003.
Garuda Wisnu Kencana Bali
Arriving at the small ticket booth in the parking lot I paid 15,000rp and received my ticket. This entitled me to stroll around and view the statue of Vishnu, the Hindu God who is the protector (part of the Hindu trinity Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer), the statue of half man half bird Garuda and the other points of interest including the art museum, open air stage and amphitheater.

Walking up the hill I checked out the view and it was great. I could see Kuta Beach, the bottleneck of Jimbaran and over to Nusa Dua and Benoa. A little ways further I came to DeMiMiDi restaurant a pretty swish looking place with a great view. The food was international and main courses were running about 60,000-70,000rp

Continuing on I ascended some stairs and saw the head and shoulders of the Vishnu statue which is currently 23 meters high. A Balinese school party from Bangli was also there and the whole place was alive with people. I tried to put it off as best I could but eventualy I ended up doing the ‘ tourist photo’ with the school kids.

The plan for GWK was to have a 146 meter gold plated Wisnu riding his winging chariot Garuda and have the whole thing on top of an 11 storey entertainment complex.

The planners of GWK envisioned arriving airline passengers would view the landmark as a warm greeting to Bali. Unfortunately not everyone is over the moon about it. Religious Balinese sometimes complain that this massive statue will disrupt the natural balance in Bali as it tries to compete with the highest spot Gunung Agung. Also the purely commercial nature does not feel right to some people.

Walking round which took altogether 1 hour including stopping for a drink and viewing art I was impressed at the size of the place and the effort that had been put in to tend the gardens. There is a weird kind of atmosphere with this place, almost like its waiting to be a Disneyland of some kind but hasn’t got it together yet. Walking through the open air stage section I though “Wow, what an awesome place to have a concert.” Across the way I meandered down alleys created by cutting chunks of the limestone away. There’s no limit to what they could build at GWK with the newly exposed areas offering more space.

The art museum is located close to a small shop selling drinks. The museum features local contemporary works of art. I didn’t see anything too special in there and it seemed a bit bare. Entrance is free. There are couple of souvenir shops too.

For evening visitors a kecak dance is performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays admission $5.

I think that in future this place will be a thriving business in years to come after the economy picks up, the location is too good for it no to be. I can see concerts and performances being a regular thing and the growing number of foreigners building houses in Jimbaran and on the Bukit will help support this.

GWK is open daily from 8am - 10pm.

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Elephant Safari Adventure Tour - Enjoy The Scenery Along The Elephant

Elephant Safari is one of the most popular adventure tour in Bali. Besides getting a different experience and sensation, the tourists also often interested in the ingenuity of the elephant which is an important element in the program this elephant safari. Attractions that can be seen include elephant painting, elephant playing football and other interesting attractions.

Elephant Safari Adventures Elephant Safari Adventures

In its activities is also equipped with special security that has been designed to comfort the visitors and the Elephant itself with several regulations have been implemented so that makes elephants in this camp is very docile and not aggressive, and make the visitors feel safe while in the elephant's shoulders and watching around the panorama of extraordinary natural beauty.

For those of you of flora and fauna lovers, surely you can find things that you love when you follow this one activity, then do not miss the opportunity to see the behavior of elephants who have been trained very professionally.


Terraced Rice Field in Bali

In the center foreground of this lush scene, a Balinese man is hoeing a wet-rice field terrace level in preparation for its next round of planting.

Some terraced fields at heights above and below the farmer are flooded with water, but the man is turning dark soil in a dry field. Tall coconut trees rise from the hillside terraces in the background.

Terraced Rice Field in BaliTerraced Rice Field in Bali

As in other parts of Southeast Asia, irrigation of wet-rice terraces is organized successively down the mountainside, so that some fields are in earlier planting and harvesting stages than other fields nearby. This gravity-fed system keeps insects and other pests confined, and also uses the limited water from upstream rivers and lakes most efficiently.

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Cowboys in paradise -Movie Gigolo Bali trailer video

It was not easy for a short film directed by the Cowboys in Paradise, Amit Virmani, to produce a short film documentary that recently horrendous Bali. Virmani took three years doing research in Bali until finally he could have called, "Easy to work with 'Cowboys'."
"Of course there are days without a single interview with 'Cowboys', but this is part of the process, especially since I decided to research the subject in Bali," said Virmani quoted from, .
Virmani explained, gradually, from 2007 until 2009, he was cooking the film. During that time, he recorded the interview and working on story structure. If you are experiencing an impasse in the work, he was, "Get out and have fun," she said again.
However, it found the "cowboy" in Bali for the film, a man of Indian descent began interviewing them. "Working with 'Cowboys' surprisingly easy. They have no problem to share their stories with me. This is certainly return to what made them also very attractive," he explained.
Advanced Virmani, Cowboys story line is interesting in Paradise has made the "cowboy" and bluntly want filmed. "They have no reason to shame and they know it. They are proud of what they 'conquered'. It was there that want it (for interview)," the story again.
However, according to Virmani, other as the women hunters "Cowboys". The man who is now residing in Singapore are claiming a little trouble finding them. "For European women, they are more open to discuss about sex than their counterparts in North America. Of course, this became my experience,"

The Best Villa in Bali

Villa Tanju Bali

The gardens enjoy a 60m palm-fringed river frontage and overlook the rice fields. Umalas is quiet but contains a number of villas as well as the famous riding stables. We are 15 minutes walk across the rice paddies to Batu Belig beach where some of Bali's most well-known beachside restaurants can be found. We are also only a few minutes drive to the fashionable Seminyak area that consists of small boutiques, antique shops and some of the highest-quality delicatessan shops and bakeries in Bali.

Villa Tanju Bali Villa Tanju Bali
Villa Sungai Tinggi
Villa Sungai Tinggi is one of Bali's very few absolute beachfront Villas. Nestled in rice fields and with over 100m of private beach frontage, it has the ultimate sunset panorama with views over to the Jimbaran Bukit headland in the south, across to the Java coastline in the west and the cloudy peaks of Gunung Agung to the north.
Located just beyond the picturesque Balinese village of Pererenan, the villa is only a 20 minute drive to the many popular restaurants and shops of Seminyak and about 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. The Nirwana Bali golf course and the famous Tanah Lot Temple are less than 10 minutes away, and the Nusa Dua golf club and Bali Handara golf course are each a 60 minute drive.
Villa Sungai Tinggi Bali Villa Sungai Tinggi Bali

Kintamani Volcano

Kintamani is the most favorite tourist destinations in Bali with the active volcano of mount Batur and beautiful lake. Kintamani is surrounded by the captivating nature and there are six ancient villages around cauldron of Batur Lake which is often conceived by Bali Age Village. The local people from these Bali Age villages own the unique cultures, houses and life style. Kintamani Area is consisted of some Villages those are Kedisan Village , Buahan, Abang, Trunyan, Songan, South Batur, Middle Batur, North Batur, Sukawana and Kintamani Village . The total of resident in these area are about 15 thousand who are mostly working as farmer, merchant, or work at industrial tourism.

Kintamani Volcano Bali

Kintamani is located in Kintamani sub district, Bangli Regency and about 50 km from Denpasar Town or about 2 hours by car. All roads are generally in good condition to access to this place. The fog will descend and blanket entire area of Kintamani with cold temperature in particular at late afternoon until the whole of night. The most amazing panorama at Kintamani can be seen in the morning time, when the sunrise emerges on the surface of earth precisely on the mount Batur .

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Bali Sky Ocean Dive

Bali Sky Ocean Dive brings your to Bali's most favourit diving spots !
The world offers us many choice to get the experience, one of them is diving where you will meet your under water world with excellent and beautiful nature. Many dives site in Bali will give you more than another dive sites.
Bali Sky Ocean Dive
It is the best choice for your short travel in Bali, as it is still in Denpasar area but still get the diving experience with a beautiful under water world. Ideal dives is between 3 - 18 metres.

It is about 80 km from Denpasar. Get there and experience the variety of under water life; soft coral, sponges and colorful fishes, napoleon wrasse, moral eel and white tip reef. It is surrounded by majestic cliff. Ideal dives is between 6 - 20 metres.

About 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Denpasar. Get more knowledge of diving in Tulamben. It is the most famous dives resort in Bali.

This rich and varied dive site host a wide range of fish and coral species. It is about 2 hours drive from Denpasar.

North West of Bali stands a small island, called Menjangan, about 3 hours drive from Denpasar plus 30 minutes boat trip to the island.

Located about 20 km from Denpasar and it takes 90 minutes by boat from Benoa Harbour.

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Peanuts Bar , Restaurant & Night Club in Bali

Address : JL Legian , Kuta
Phone : 0361 - 754 149

Bali the Indonesian island, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east, is the tourist destination in the country, is renowned for its highly developed arts, including dance, sculpture, paintings, leather and music. But visit is Bali is incomplete without exploring the culinary exploration of the place. Visitors instantly have their taste buds and olfactory senses titillated by the wafting of different Balinese cuisines prepared in different Bali Restaurants. The crowd, the setting and the ambiance of Bali add to the uniqueness of Bali and make the visitors to come back to the place once more. Bali also has restaurants serving cuisines from around the world and all these cost a fraction of what you pay for the same quality of food in the other cities of the world. The ambiance is superb to make it a perfect setting and this has made Bali known as the 'Land of the Gods'.

Among the Contemporary Restaurants in Bali, the American Restaurants in Bali is popular to the many American and western tourists visiting the Bali. Peanuts in Bali in Indonesia is one of the popular among them. The Bar cum Restaurant, Peanuts in Bali opened in 1984 is already on the popularity chart among the many Bali Restaurants. The Peanuts in Bali has a nightclub, which features "live bands" and also disco music. Peanuts in Bali has a huge air-conditioned dance floor on the dance floor and has a good seating arrangement. The second floor of Peanuts has many pool tables for you to have an engrossing time along with seating arrangements. The third floor features a Karaoke room for you to have a swinging time. It also houses the administrative area. Visitors to the restaurant can dance to live music from local bands such as Crazy Horse, Gecko Boys and reggae. The menu on offer at Peanuts are the different Snacks like Steak sandwich, Club sandwich, BLT Sandwich, hot dog, Hot Dog and Cheese, Jaffle, Garlic bread and Basket of Chips. The Pizza's on offer include the Hawaiian style, Tropical, Aussie style, Balinese style, Vegetarian, Neopolitan and Supreme. Main meals include T-bone steak, Rump steak, Fillet steak, Pork chops, Beef / chicken sate, Mixed grill, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken and Corn nuggets. There are many different types of Burgers on offer. Peanuts have a fleet of eight vehicles to bus tourists around different Kuta venues on Tuesday and Saturday nights.

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Bali Hai Cruises - Explore Lembongan Island

Bali Hai Cruise provides the spectacular sea cruise to Lembongan Island. The cruise adventure will be started from picking you up at your hotel to drop to Benoa Harbor for departing to Lembongan Island. The journey will take about 2 hours to reach the beautiful island in the paradise Bali. Lembongan Island has beautiful white sandy beach. The cruise will give you a great opportunity to explore the deep of the sea and see the beautiful coral and colorful fishes around by using the semi submersible coral viewer or doing the snorkeling which all include in this cruise. The exciting and spectacular program and facilities will make your experience unforgettable during your holiday in Bali like: Banana Boat, full use of the pontoon facilities including an exciting 35 meter water slide and underwater viewing chamber. The experience is never stopped.
Bali Cruises Explore Lembongan Island
Continue your journey to explore the rural by crossing the beautiful beach to join the village tour afterward join the delicious buffet lunch on the boat. The cruise adventure will take a full day of your holiday in Bali which is departing in the morning time and return at late afternoon. The full cruise adventure is served by Bali Hai Cruise with the perfect choice which you can select based on your convenience
Bali Cruises Lembongan Island

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Embassy & Consulates in Bali

Consulate of AustraliaAustralia
Jl. Hayam Wuruk Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) - 235092, 235093, Fax : (62 361) 231990

Consulate of Austria Austria
Kompleks Istana Kuta Galeria Blok Valet 2 No 12
Jl. Patih Jelantik 80361 Kuta - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 751735, 754719, Fax : (62 361) 754457

Consulate of BritishBritish
Jl. Tirta Nadi Sanur - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 270601, Fax : (62 361) 270601

Consulate of Canada Canada
Jl. Prof. M. Yamin No. 51 Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 235092, 235093, 231990

Consulate of Czech RepublicCzech Republic
Jl. Pengembak 17 Sanur - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 286465, 286408, Fax : (62 361) 286408

Consulate of DenmarkDenmark
JI. Jaya Giri VIII/IO Renon Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 235098, 233053,
Fax : (62 361) 234834, 938013

Consulate of FinlandiaFinlandia
Kompleks Istana Kuta Galeria Blok Valet 2 No 12
Jl. Patih Jelantik Kuta - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 751735, Fax : (62 361) 754457

Consulate of FranceFrance
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 35 Sanur - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 285485, 288224, Fax : (62 361) 285485

Consulate of GermanyGermany
Jl. Pantai Karang No. 17 Batu Jimbar Sanur - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 288535, 288826, Fax : (62 361) 288826

Consulate of HungariaHungaria
Jl. Raya Kuta 88, Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 757557, 757558, Fax : (62 361) 757562

Consulate of ItalyItaly
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai no.126 G Sanur - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 289728, Fax : (62 361) 289743

Consulate of MexicoMexico
Jl. Prof. M. Yamin No. 1 A Renon - Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 223266

Consulate of NetherlandsNetherlands
Jl. Raya Kuta 127 Kuta - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 751517

Consulate of New ZealandNew Zealand
Jl. Prof. M. Yamin No. 51 Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 235092, 235093, 231990

Consulate of NorwayNorway
Jl. Jaya Giri VIII /No.10 Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 235098, Fax : (62 361) 234834

Consulate of Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea
Jl. Prof. M. Yamin No. 51 Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 235092, 235093, Fax : (62 361) 234834

Consulate of SpainSpain
Jl. Raya Sanggingan - Banjar Lungsiakan - Ubud - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 975736, Fax : (62 361) 975 726

Consulate of SwedenSweden
Segara Village Hotel Sanur Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 288407, 288408, Fax : (62 361) 518699

Consulate of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
Kompleks Istana Kuta Galeria Blok Valet 2 No 12
Jl. Patih Jelantik Kuta - Bali - Indonesia
Tel: (62 361) 751735, Fax : (62 361) 754457

Consulate of United States of AmericaUnited States of America
Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 188 Denpasar - Bali
Tel: (62 361) 233605, 222426, Fax : (62 361) 222426

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Bali Traditional Market

A visit to a local market always provides a fascinating insight into the culture of the "Real Bali." Below are a number of traditional markets in Bali area:

Kuta Art Market
Situated close to the Kuta Beach on Jl. Bakung Sari, Kuta Art Market has a large number of shops selling a wide variety of merchandises including sarongs, clothes, shoes, jewelries, handicrafts, leather goods, and furniture. You can find some good pieces if you look carefully and have a huge bargaining power.

Sanur Art Market
Located on Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur Art Market has a more relaxed atmosphere and is less crowded than Kuta. This art market has an interesting variety of shops selling a wide range of merchandises such as sarongs, woodcarvings, and other handicrafts. It is also surrounded by lots of nice restaurants.

Kumbasari Market
Kumbasari Market is located on Jl. Gajah Mada, Denpasar, near the Badung River. This traditional, non-air-conditioned market offers an interesting overview of an Indonesia market. In the basement, you will find the traditional market and lots of traditional kitchen crafts made out of woven bamboo on the first floor. The second floor provides spices and dried goods as well as a wide variety of Balinese printed batik, Balinese and Javanese hand-woven textiles and various batik textiles at reasonable prices, while the household wares and clothing can be found on the third floor.
Bali Traditional Markets
Badung Market
This 24 hours traditional market is located on Jl. Gajah Mada, Denpasar, across the Kumbasari Market, separated by the Badung River. This largest and oldest market in Bali provides such local needs as fruit and meat to and, meat, fish, vegetables, tropical and subtropical fruits, groceries, spices, clothes, textiles, and many more. Apart from consumables, one can also find beetle leaves which are used in Balinese Hindu prayers, as well as fabrics and household supplies. Although it is rather unclean, this tent market attracts many local shoppers and wholesalers for its completeness and competitive prices. The peak hour is in the afternoon, when the big transaction occurs.

Pasar Burung (Bird Market)
Pasar Burung (Bird Market) is located on Jl. Pramuka, Denpasar. This colorful and noisy market provides a wide range of birds and other such small animals as monkeys, squirrels, small wild cats and other unidentifiable animals from the heart of the dark jungles of Indonesia.

Batubulan Market
Batubulan Market, situated at the border of Denpasar and Gianyar, is the home of stone sculptures. You will find various kinds of style here, from traditional to modern, small to large. Traditionally, stone sculptures carved from soft volcanic rock (paras) were used to decorate temples and palaces but recently they are sold for export as well. The craftsmen practically can make anything you request from small to large sculptures.

Ubud Market
Ubud is known as the cultural center of Bali and as a land of artists. It is a place where you have the opportunity to see the real Bali. Located on Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud Market has kept much of its traditional charm, with squatting Balinese sellers haggling loudly among spices and vegetables. The market also sells handicrafts which mostly were made in the neighboring villages of Mas, Tegalalang, and more.

Sukawati Art Market
Sukawati Art Market is located on Jl. Raya Sukawati, Gianyar, across the Sukawati Traditional Market. Set in a new two-story building, the art market sells a wide variety of merchandises, ranging from statues to dance costumes, all at reasonable prices. A large variety of woven baskets can be found here along with Balinese ceremonial items made from colorful prada (gold painted cloth).

Candi Kuning Market
Located in Bedugul, Candi Kuning Market provides fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and such exotic flowers as delicate orchids and roses, creating an array of wonderful colors. Spices include nutmeg, pepper, paprika and turmeric. A wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables can be found here, as well as jeruk bali (pomelo) and durian.

Galiran Market

Galiran Market, Klungkung is known as the central market of Eastern Bali, because of its agricultural commodities from Karangasem, Bangli and Gianyar are mostly sold here. Before 1974, Klungkung traditional market was situated in the heart of Semarapura city. In accordance with the development of commercial activities, the market was moved to Galiran Village, 2 hours drive to the south. It was renovated to a three-story building, providing handicrafts, artworks, traditional fabrics and many more. The most crowded market day falls every three days on pasah (a three-day week based on Balinese calendar).

In 1994, the market area was extended to 3 hectares which consists of 14 building blocks each selling different goods. Block A, B and C sell consumer products. Block D and E are specialized in agricultural products, block F for vegetables. Food and beverages and various fruits are available at block G and H. While, block J and I sell various cattle and pottery handicrafts whilst baskets and salt can be found at block K. Block L and M sell meat and sugar, and block N for cakes and plaits.

Kreneng Market
Kreneng market is located on Kamboja Street, East Denpasar, about 3 km from the city center. Daily commodities at reasonable prices can be found in this market. At night, it becomes a night bazaar where various kinds of traditional foods at reasonable prices are also available.

Kreneng Market is also the terminal of mini buses. These mini buses are called ‘bemo’, public transportations which have routes around Denpasar area.

Sanglah Market
Sanglah market is located in south Denpasar area, about 2.5 km from the city center. Like other traditional markets in Denpasar, this market offers commodities for the daily needs. Although it is open the whole day, the busy activities are only in the morning around 6 am.

Satria Market
Satria market is located at the north side of Gajah Mada Street, in the corner of Nakula Street and Veteran Street. This market sells the art crafts such as wooden handicrafts, paintings, and other handicrafts on the second level; and daily commodities on ground level.

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Tips for Travelling

Before Leaving

* Allow plenty of time to get the relevant visa.

* Read up about your destinations before leaving so you can enjoy yourself straight away on arrival. Check out travel deals that are available on the Internet.

* Don't buy loads of new clothes - be ruthless when packing - most people can manage with half what they take.

* Take an extra duffel bag - it can be used as a day bag and to bring back a few souvenirs.

* Don't pack your passport in your rucksack - keep it in your hand luggage with your tickets.

* Try and memorise your passport number incase you lose it!

* Write down addresses of friends and family, you may want to send postcards to, in a small address book.

* Arrange for diabetic/vegetarian/vegan meals for your flight with your travel agent.

* Remove old destination tags to avoid confusion

* On the day of your flight call the airport to check that your flight is on time.

* Find out how many 'carry on bags' your airlina allows - luggage 20"x15"x10" is average

* Purchase some water purification tablets if you are planning a stop over in a country with suspect water sources

* Pack essentials such as a toothbrush, clean underwear and money in hand luggage, incase your check in bags get lost.

During Journey

* Reduce the pain of popping ears; suck a sweet, swallow hard or gently blow your nose.

* Try to drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated- the cabins highly pressurised air is very dry.

* Ask cabin crew if you can move to a row of unoccupied seats so you can travel in style.

* Minimise jet lag by adjusting your watch to 'local' time along your journey.

* Walk around a little on the plane to help circulation and make the most of any refuel stops for a good stretch.

* Try to sleep during the Australian night (the airlines normally turn the lights off to help).

On Arrival

* Try to be as alert as you can; weary travellers make easy prey for pickpockets etc.

* Avoid making long distance calls from your hotel room; it's likely to attract a huge premium.

* Make sure any taxi you get into is legitimate to avoid any shady goings on

* If hiring a car, collision damage insurance/waiver is a good investment

* If hiring a car carefully check it for dents, scratches etc and insist the rental company makes a written note to confirm.

* Carry a 2nd 'dummy' wallet with a small amount of cash in case you are mugged - not likely in Australia.

* Be aware of the fierce Australian sun - use sunscreen, wear shades and lip protection.

* Check for hazardous currents/ tides or dangerous marine life before swimming/surfing etc.

It is a Good Idea to...

* Book internal airline tickets at least three weeks in advance for discount.

* Open a bank account in Australia if it is your intention to stay for more than a month.

* Get vaccinations for other foreign destinations before leaving.

* Never let a stranger look after your bag - they may steal or put something in there.

* Use reduced rate phone cards to phone home.

* Travel in a group, it is safer, cheaper and more fun.

* Plan a rough itenirary of where you would like to go.

* Book internal flights or transport before you go, as sometimes discounts are available.

* Travel in the southern states during the Summer and the northern states during the Winter.

* Buy a map if you are planning on driving, or a relevant map if you are planning on doing some serious bushwalking.

* Find the suitable Insurance policy that covers money, medical and activities.


* Camping/sports towels are extremely small and lightweight, they don't smell and can be packed damp.

* Shaving oil rather than shaving cream saves valuable storage space and weight.

* A small first aid kit could be very useful for minor injuries.

* Swiss army style knives are a good idea for peeling fruit, cutting toe nails etc.

* A wide brimmed hat or cap can be very useful for preventing sun stroke on very hot days.

* High factor sun cream will help to minimise the risks of sun burn and skin cancer.

* Good quality sun glasses will make you look cool and stop you from cooking your eyes

* Ear plugs can be a real 'God send' when there is a loud snorer in your dorm!

* Headache tablets for hangovers etc.

* A lightweight showerproof jacket can be useful as it does rain in Oz, sometimes very hard.

* Clothes that don't run (so you only have to do one washing load for everything).

* Comfortable shoes that don't take up much room, and are suitable for various occassions.

The Ruck Sack

* A 65 litre rucksack should definitely be large enough.

* A rucksack which opens up like a suitcase is excellent for keeping clothes crease free and easily accessible.

* A rucksack with a detachable smaller bag is desirable. They are ideal for day trips etc.

* Wire Ruck Sack security bags are available to safeguard your valuables.

* A rucksack with an additional removable water proof cover can be a good investment.

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Traditional Food in Bali

Kuta Bali not only spread the attraction of tourism that made the click amazed the world. He. The country of one thousand temples also offered the very defiant tongue adventure. From that filled local appetite until being varied the international menu all tersaji here. The tour ate to the alternative to revenue that could not be was gazed at an eye. Bandara Internasional Ngurah Rai scenery, Denpasar was seen so pretty from air. Gigir the coast with the pounding of the wave forced the heart to be somewhat gulping. Thank you Tuhan, Boeing 737 series 200 properties of the AIR cataracts airline landed smooth. It mean, it's time to ate in Bali.
Babi Guling, Traditional food in Bali
To Bali only wanted to eat? The nod became the firm answer. Sorry, this not only the style but the aim pelesir we indeed were travelling ate. Actually, this social gathering has been very famous in the world of tourism. Only love in our country not a little famous. Looked for the place ate that greated in Bali evidently needed special care. For you who were muslim, ascertained the restaurant that dituju berlabel lawful. Lest when devouring the guest plate must stop suddenly the reason knew contained the base that was prohibited by the religion. Bali had several traditional recipes that until currently could be met by us easily. Up to now, the amount could not be known definitely. However when seeing the condition in the field of several traditional Balinese food kinds that were known now: the pig guling, slice thinly, serombotan, kelepon, godoh, betutu, the place of satay and taluh bekasem. In the eyes of the resident Hindu Bali traditional food popular this was very tight to the everyday life. Because, food like slice thinly, satay and the pig guling always was used in each implementation of the ceremony, whether that the tradition and piety.

Balinese knew the fish term with the term be. Possibly because of protein from the quite dominant fish dimasa that passed, finally Balinese only did not know be that meant the fish personally, but also be cattle, be celeng, be was ready, be knew, be tempe, or be nyuh, that freely his translation was the cattle fish, the pig fish, the chicken fish, the fish knew, the tempe fish, the coconut fish. For vegetables was known with the term jukut. While, the combination between be and jukut that was known and slice thinly, jukut balung and komoh. Traditional Balinese food was grouped to four kinds: processed-whim dry like satay and the place, processed-whim wet like slice thinly, timbungan and brengkes, processed-whim liquid like komoh and gerang acid and processed-whim that was cooked intact like betutu and be guling. Be Guling was roasted the intact pig. His stomach part was given heterogenous the kind of spices. This menu often it was considered as as masterpiece him this Island of the Gods food. Slice thinly was made from rajangan meat or vegetables that were mixt with rajangan soft the spice. Generally was made from pork, kuwir (entok), the jackfruit, young pawpaws, long peanuts, the star fruit leaves and the coconut. The normal person did not yet eat slice thinly often complained that this Balinese food was too hard. Actually this opinion was untrue. The spice sliced the foundation thinly was drafted with the composition in such a way for food and berkhasiat medicine. His additional spice that made him become hard. The USA. . . . The comparison of the spice composition sliced the foundation thinly that I was for this matched for the tongue of Indonesians's public (was tried by many friends non-Bali) with the modification. Authentic Balinese satay was acknowledged as satay coil around. His material from the minced meat mixture, the young coconut the grater, the spice, that afterwards dililitkan to the stick of satay that was made from bamboo or pelepah the coconut, was burnt on the charcoal. Bondan Winarno, the observer kuliner at the same time the boss of the Jalansutra club, had the suggestion for friends of Muslim who wanted to taste the traditional Balinese guest plate that was lawful. Lawful. The choice is, the Satria Stall in Street Kedondong and the Wardani Stall in Street Yudistira. There was also the Teges Stall near Ubud that was very famous with his raw chilli sauce. However, Bondan had wanti-wanti: in this Teges Stall you must say lawful when not wanting his soy sauce pig that was famous. Knew. Nah, congratulations ate-ate in Bali

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Barong Dance

The Barong presented here is called Barong Keket. This Barong Keket wear a mask, corresponding with a mythical "lion" and the folower friend "monkey" and This type is the most popular Barong.

No one can explain the meaning of the word Barong. The name of the Barong depends on the animal represented. If the mask is of a tiger (in Balinese: Macan) the Barong is then called Barong Macan, and so if the mask is of 2 boar (in Balinese: Celeng or Bangkal) the Barong is then called Barong Bangkal.

Barong, a mythical creature with long swayback and curved tail, represent the affirmative, the protector of Mankind, the glory of the high sun, and the favorable spirits associated with the right and white magic.

Rangda, the widow-witch, is its opposite complement. She rules the evil spirits and witches who haunt graveyards late at night. Her habitat is darkness and her specialties lie with the practice of black magic, the destructive force of the left.

Barong Dance in Bali

Both figures are of the same earthly substance, possessing strong magical prowess. Somewhere in a mythical past, the Barong was won over to the side of humanity, and in the dance, fights on behalf of the people against the intruding death forces of the Rangda.

The barong play represent an eternal fight between Good and Evil; the Barong represent Good the Rangda , the mythological monster, represents Evil. It stages the story of Kunti Sraya, a favourite theme of drama, depicts from the main episode of the famous Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. This special story is about Dewi Kunti, the mother of the five Pandawas who for some reasons, has promised to sacrifice Sadewa, one of her five sons to Rangda.

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Bali Kite Festival

The Bali Kite Festival is an annual international kite festival held in July in Padang Galak area, Sanur Beach, Bali. Traditional giant kites (4 meters in width and almost 10 meters in length) are made and flown competitively by teams from the villages (banjar) of Denpasar. The event is a seasonal religious festival intended to send a message to the Hindu Gods to create abundant crops and harvests.

Bebean (fish-shaped), Janggan (bird-shaped) and Pecukan (leaf-shaped) are three traditional kites flown during this kite festival. The kites are flown by teams of 10 or more adult kitefliers. The Bebean is the largest kite, and looks like a broad-mouthed, split-tailed fish. The Janggan form has a broad flowing cloth tail that can reach more than 100 meters in length. The Pecukan requires the most skill to fly, as its unstable form often tumbles towards the ground. Red, white and black are traditional colours used in the kite's designs. Each type of traditional kite has its own competition, with heats of 10 teams vying for the best launch and longest flight. Sometimes the kites come down over the adjacent rice paddies, and the team members have to dash through the paddy to rescue the kite before it lands in the water.

Bali Kite Festival

A competition is also held for 'New Creation' kites which may include detailed three dimensional figures representing the Hindu Gods or sponsorship kites. Traditional and new creation kites are constructed from bamboo and cotton cloth.

Bali Kites Festival

In the dry season of June through August, the winds blow continually from east to west in most of Indonesia. Balinese children and adults fly kites in the vacant rice paddies during this period.

A gamelan orchestra plays music throughout the festival. The festival attracts many tourists and international kitefliers, along with many local spectators.

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Bali Hotel List

Bali Dynasty Resort - Bali
Bali Dinasty Resort
Location : Bali Tuban
Overview : Close to the beach, in the peaceful village of Tuban, yet just a short stroll away from bustling Kuta ...
Hotel Description :
The Bali Dynasty Resort is tucked away in the peaceful village of Tuban, yet within a short stroll away from bustling Kuta. Nestled in hectares of lush greenery close to the beachfront. Rooms are large and well equipped with garden or pool views. The Bali Dynasty Resort has an impressive range of both business and leisure facilities which include pools, gym, spa and children’s playground.

Bali Tropic Resort & Spa
Bali Tropic Resort & Spa
Location : Bali - Tanjung Benoa
Room : 100
Overview : Rustic resort with a great pool, set amidst lush gardens and lotus ponds on Tanjung Benoa beach ...
Super Saver : Super Saver - search dates for new lower rates
Hotel Description :
The Bali Tropic Resort & Spa, Bali is set around gardens and lotus ponds, sited in Tanjung Benoa near Nusa Dua. It is within walking distance to the beach in Benoa. The shops and entertainment areas of Nusa Dua are a few minutes drive away. Bungalows are in a Balinese rustic design and have garden view outlooks. Relax by the butterfly-shaped pool or pamper yourself at the spa.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali - Bali
Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Location : Kuta Bali
Overview :A classy unusual hotel with a variety of entertainment opportunities. Rooms are unique and pleasant.
Room : 418
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Hotel Description :
The Hard Rock Hotel Bali is placed close to popular Kuta beach. It is set within 3 hectares of peaceful gardens and is a few minutes walk to shops, restaurants and fun entertainment venues. The unusual designed rooms offer modern conveniences and amenities. The Hard Rock Hotel Bali has a variety of dining options and entertainment activities, and has one of the largest swimming pools in Bali.

OASIS Kuta Hotel Bali
Oasis Kuta Hotel Bali
Location : Bali Kuta
Overview : Well located hotel, a few minutes walk from central Kuta. Relax by the long, modern style pool.
Room : 70
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Hotel Description :
The Oasis Kuta Hotel Bali is well situated, less than 5 minutes walk from Kuta beach, shops and the art market. Its simply designed guest rooms are located in low rise, U-shap buildings which are set around a long, narrow pool, all with a private terrace or balcony. The Oasis Kuta Hotel Bali offers the best of both worlds, a relaxing, restful pool area, and yet near to a host of lively bars and restaurants. Formerly known as the Oasis Hotel Bali.

Aston Bali Resort & Spa
Aston Bali Resort & Spa
Location : Bali - Tanjung Benoa
Overview : Facing the golden sandy beach of Tanjung Benoa, near Nusa Dua. Large pool next to the beach.
Room : 187
Hotel Description :
The Aston Bali Resort & Spa is desirably located along the golden sandy Tanjung Benoa beach and is 5 minutes drive from the well-known Nusa Dua tourism area. Rooms are beautifully furnished have private balconies overlooking gardens or the ocean. The Aston Bali Resort & Spa has a restful pool which is next to the beach featuring waterfalls and a sunken bar.

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Tourism Place in Bali

Klungkung Royal Place

Klungkung Royal PlaceThe Klungkung Palace was built by the Dewa Agung dynasty when the people moved here in 1710. The existing palace, called the Semara Pura, contains a large square with spacious courtyards, lush gardens, pavilions and moats. The palace that you see today is actually a reconstruction, as the Dutch destroyed the original palace and grounds during attacks in 1908. Stone walls with water lilies in the moat surround the very beautiful Taman Gili complex.
Located in the center of Klungkung on the main road

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach
The popular Kuta Beach, overlooking the Straits of Bali, attracts foreign and local watersport enthusiasts and sun worshippers. You can also swim here--make sure you do so only within the designated area--or just join the carefree sunbathers. Wandering hawkers and guides offer their wares and services, while others provide a relaxing massage for a reasonable fee.
Address: Jalan Raya Pantai Kuta

Kebun Raya Eka Karya (Bali Botanical Gardens):
Extending over 130 hectares of land, the Botanical Gardens houses more than 650 species of trees and more than 450 types of orchids. Built over rolling hills, the garden makes a perfect spot for picnics. Select from a number of self-guided walks through the park--just pick up your brochures at the front gate. A few rangers speak some English. For a small donation, they will take you through the park. A traditional Balinese house compound at the top of the park accommodates 12 people. You can rent this at very reasonable prices.
Address: Main Road Bedugul
Tabanan Bali Indonesia 82191

Goa Gajah ( Elephant Cave )

A unique ancient site of Bali, Goa Gajah or the Elephant Cave certainly deserves a visit. Carved into the rock-face, the cave possibly dates back to the 11th century. The entrance features the mouth of a mythical creature with many detailed carvings in the surrounding stone. Crouch down and enter the cave to see the shrine and elephant statue inside. The complex also comprises two deep, stone bathing pools, filled with water from spouts held by six female figures.
Address: Peliatan
Bali Indonesia 80561

Waterbom Park and Spa

Exciting water slide slice through 3.5 hectares of landscaped tropical parks providing hours of fun and entertainment for the young and young at heart!. There are 101 ways to fill 24 hours each day with thrilling activities on land and in water. For relaxation, drift leisurely in a tube raft or go for a tranquil dip in inviting blue pools. A soothing massage or spa treatment is the ultimate way to unwind.
Address: Jalan Raya Pantai Kuta
Kuta Bali Indonesia 80361